Buyer Services

We can advise buyers where and when to find the most lucrative property purchases - as well as which places to avoid. Our job is to know the market, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Research the neighborhood before you waste time looking. Our neighborhood pages are a great place to start!

You won't find a harder working team of  Realtors anywhere!  We want to be YOUR Realtor choice, and your needs will be our priority. Check back often, subscribe to our Blog,  or join our mailing list to keep informed of everything that's going on with Snohomish and King County Real Estate!

Do I need my own Real Estate Agent to buy a home?

No, you don't need your own Real Estate Agent to buy a home.  With the wealth of information available online, you could find and navigate the process yourself with the assistance of an attorney.

One of the most common myths is that you can save money by working directly with the Listing Agent (aka the Seller's Agent).  While it's true that the Seller's Agent may be willing to give you a part of their commission, the Seller has a fiduciary and legal duty to represent the Seller to the best of their ability.  That agent does not represent you and has no obligation to guide you through inspections and disclosures. That may ultimately cost you much more than any money you may have "saved" by getting some of the Seller's Agent's commission.

Talk to several Realtors and find one that you are confident is knowledgeable about the local markets, financing, and will be a strong negotiator, and advocate for you.  This is an exciting time. Whether it's your first home or your fifth, choose the right Realtor to make sure it's an enjoyable experience as well!

Do I need to be approved for a Loan before starting my search?

That depends on where you are in your search process.  If you don't have a lot of credit, or are unsure of what your credit score is, it's a good idea to meet with a lender sooner.  A good lender will help you analyze your score and lay out a strategy for improving your credit so that when you are ready, the qualification process will be seamless.

When you are ready to actively find and make an offer on a home, you'll want to meet with a lender first.  This will be an informal meeting and can usually be done over the phone. Be prepared to discuss your income, assets and current debt.  Working with those numbers the lender will provide you with a "Pre-Approval" letter with the amount you are qualified to purchase. Our preferred lender offers a wide range of loan programs for every situation including zero down mortgage programs.