Ray Graves, the founder and owner has been in the Real Estate industry for over 15 years. Ray Graves has been a real estate broker for 15 years, after he served in the United States Navy. Over the years Ray has developed countless number of skills and expertise in real estate. He has been awarded numerous honors and awards including Seattle’s Magazine 5 Star Best in Client Satisfaction Award. 

The team at 360 Degrees Real Estate work with the nation's largest lenders helping renovate foreclosed homes into move in ready market condition. They take great pride in seeing their renovations come to life through the eyes of the home buyer, and maximizing the sales price for their clients.


Nick Jenkins. Relatively new to Real Estate, Nick has taken his experience as a sales person and brought everything   to Real Estate. He enjoys the renovation process but also enjoys  helping the  people he meets. He prides himself on providing excellent customer service and building relationships with our clients so that he can truly understand their needs. His promise to his clients is to always put them first and to work in their best interests as if they were his own. Nick particularly enjoys helping homeowners buy the home that is perfect for them.

Rob Lundberg. Rob joined the 360 Degrees Real Estate Team in early 2017 bringing with him years of experience as a professional real estate appraiser.

Rob has over 20 years in the real estate industry with a combination of selling real estate and appraisals. His expertise is analysis, research and determining the condition and quality of homes, all of which are must have attributes for a good real estate broker!


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